Providing Hotel Operators The Fundamental Guide to Purchasing Technology



We buy and renew tv, internet, + voice for hotel operators who value cost savings.

Hospitality organizations spend big on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction while controlling costs.  Our expert buyers facilitate your IT Services purchases and renewals to ensure your properties meet Brand Standards at the lowest possible price – without picking up the phone.  

Hotel Tech works with your Providers + local IT Vendors to Eliminate Bottlenecks

Relationships are key to success in any line of business.  As your centralized purchase + project team, Hotel Tech facilitates through your internal processes.  We communicate with both your Providers and IT Vendors to insure installation, cut-over, and billing is accurate & on-time.  

How does it work?  

Hotel Tech is an IT purchasing team that facilitates network purchases on behalf of the world’s largest franchisee networks.  Our goal is to get things done as efficiently as possible.  

What happens now?  

1.  Our buyer team will sync up with you to connect and get context directly

2.  We’ll start navigating existing invoices, brand standards, and projects

3.  You’ll get access to real-time status updates of your deals in your Hotel Tech portal with service options, renewals pending, and project status in your Hotel Tech portal.  

The Bottom Line:

If a contract is coming out of term, a fire inspection is pending, or a new service is activated, we make sure it’s not a surprise at the 11th hour on the last day of the deadline.  If you or your team need an update on where things stand, you can access one via your dedicated Account & Project Team or your portal.  


Our internet expense went down with brand approved vendors and standards. “


Anil Patel, SVP Operations | KM Hotels

Unlimited User Access

Every operator, GM, bookkeeper or stakeholder is given entry into your Hotel Tech portal to insure nothing is missed in flight.  

Specialized in Technology

Our team will communicate key technical details to your 3rd party IT Vendors to eliminate blackholes and insure your network is configured as intended.  

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or create an account


What if I already use an IT Vendor?

Hotel Tech sits alongside your IT Services & Hardware vendor to actually talk with Service Providers on your behalf.  Think of your spend management tool as a fancy calendar:  it keeps track of renewal dates, contracts, spends, usage, and so forth.

But your calendar can’t talk with vendors – it just keeps track of when renewals happen.  Hotel Tech actually works with vendors for you and keeps your staff and local vendors up to date and on task.    

In other words, we use your Hotel Tech Portal too to know which vendors to contact and when.  We save you the hassle of going back and forth with them yourself and present the best & final from all applicable options.  And we’ve worked with them before, so we know what levers to pull and realistic delivery expectations.  

Do you charge a percentage of savings?

No.  We obtain deep discounts through bulk purchasing agreements with every brand approved service provider and pass our savings to you in the form of value.  

Who is our contact once we sign up?

Your current Service Provider and local IT Vendor will not change.  However, to compliment their effort, you will be assigned two Hotel Tech staff who work in concert with your team to deliver services:

1.  A customer success manager for daily communication and strategy meetings.

2.  A dedicated Project Manager to manage Service Provider orders, renewals, billing errors and communicate installation steps.  

Every member of your account team have been top-performing Sales, Project, and Operations professionals with direct experience working for the very Providers serving your properties – so we know exactly which levers to pull to get you a better contract.  

What do we need to provide in order to get started?

We’ll need a list of your existing properties, (in a spreadsheet, email or web-site link), current Providers, existing services (i.e. speed, due-date, vendors), and a list of any time sensitive purchase / renewals.   

What is the time commitment on our end?

Onboarding:  a 30 minute call where we discuss your requirements, brands you manage, and your long-term and near-term objectives.

After results are compiled:  a 15 minute sync with your central point of contact to discuss alternate solutions and renewal terms to your current services.  

After orders are placed:  a weekly/biweekly 15 minute sync with your Project Manager throughout the duration of your installation to insure orders are flowing as intended and savings are realized upon completion.    

Is it too early to work with Hotel Tech if we don't have immediate requirements?

It’s not too early to understand savings, we organize your Service contracts for you!

That means we’ll track down your existing contracts, requirements, renewal dates, and expense and add your data to your system.  We want to get things in place so you never have to scramble for a last-minute renewal – and lose leverage.  

That means we start talking with your Service Providers as early as 180 days before your existing contract termination.  Which means you have the maximum time to make an informed buying decision.